historyLate 1980’s: Parent company, Aurobindo, was founded in Pondicherry, India on the premise of development and manufacture of various active pharmaceutical ingredient molecules.
1990’s: Aurobindo enters the formulation market of its vast portfolio of pharma products. Distribution and revenue generation in US markets begins.
2000’s: Aurobindo becomes one of the Top 10 generic pharma companies in India.
2012: 200,000 square foot facility purchased in Lawrenceville, NJ with the objective of Aurobindo entering the over the counter (OTC) retail segment, specializing in the fast growing store brand sector. OTC division is called Aurohealth LLC
January 2014: Aurohealth’s Lawrenceville, NJ facility is registered with the FDA and begins production of liquid cough cold products.
June 2014: Introduction of Aurohealth LLC to the retail store brand industry via industry shows and individual account presentations.
August 2014: First order received. Commercial batch production begins.
Q3-Q4 2014: Stability of 80% of OTC monograph formulas within the cough cold segment concludes. Aurohealth possesses the ability to produce 85% of liquid brand formula market.
December 2014: Client list expands to include many of America’s Top 10 retail customers. Customer awards received for the majority of product portfolio.