Manufacturing Support

Aurohealth’s liquid and solid dose facilities are FDA approved and Underwriter Laboratory (UL) certified. The company’s success is driven by quality standards in all aspects of its business including manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. Backed by our multibillion dollar parent company, Aurobindo Pharma, we specialize in delivering to the retail and contract manufacturing markets, a portfolio of monograph and ANDA formulas. As a client of Aurohealth, our promises include:

  • Formulation expertise
  • A broad array of products
  • Numerous packaging options
  • Onsite Quality and Regulatory specialists
  • Best in class Customer Service

Two state of the art production facilities located in New Jersey are dedicated to delivering complete and on time order requirements. Our trading partners receive no less than the best customer service in all aspects of the company’s business including packaging, supply chain management, secondary promotion vehicles, blister packs, and numerous packaging options. We are dedicated to satisfying our customer and client needs.

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