Store Brand

Daytime & Nitetime

This product group emulates the Dayquil and Nyquil liquid brand offerings.
Aurohealth will offer these sku’s in both the original and SEVERE formulas.
We will also offer in the most popular 12 and 8oz sizes, twin packs of both sizes, as well as 6oz for the best opening price point.  We have “10” ratings from Underwriter’s Laboratories for all formulas.  We also offer secondary display options for these best selling sku’s.

Children’s Allergy

We can produce Benadryl brand equivalent products in your store brand. We offer them in Cherry flavored 4 & 8oz sizes. We also offer Dye Free Bubblegum flavor in 4oz. These products represent the nation’s #1 liquid allergy medicine for children ages 1-12.


These are Robitussin brand equivalent products. Just a few of the many brand formulas are shown in the photo. Aurohealth possesses the ability to produce every brand formula under the Aurotussin control brand name as well as your private label. We also have the formulary for DM and CF Max. These popular Aurotussin regular and Max cough cold formulas are available in 4, 8, and 12oz sizes. These are also great items for secondary display locations during peak season.


Cetirizine represents one of the ANDA formulas Aurohealth possesses the ability to produce. This is the original Grape formula for brand Zyrtec.
We offer it in the most popular 4oz size. We also have applied to the FDA for approval of Dye Free Cetirizine. Approval is pending.

Mucinex equivalent products

Our Mucinex equivalent children’s liquid cough cold products are available in 4 oz. sizes only from Aurohealth. The top 5 selling sku’s are available including Chest Congestion, Cough, Stuffy Nose & Cold, Multisymptom Cold, and Nitetime Cold and Flu. These items are available in brand equivalent flavors as well.

Adult Mucinex equivalent products

The best selling Adult Mucinex liquid formulas are available from Aurohealth. We offer them in brand equivalent formulas, sizes, and flavors.
A multiformula display vehicle is the best manner by which incremental revenues can be generated during peak season. Please ask us for more details.

Children’s and Infants Tylenol equivalent products

We offer brand equivalent formulas on all Tylenol Acetaminophen based Children’s and Infant liquid products. Packaging benefits are also brand equivalent. For the Children’s 4oz formulas, our bottles offer the CHPA and FDA mandated flow restrictor dosing system. For the Infant’s 1 & 2oz formulas, our dosing system is simply the best dosing system available today. The 1 & 2oz bottle flow restrictor CANNOT disperse medicine without the syringe. Other competitive dosing systems cannot make this claim. This system is FDA and CHPA approved.

Sleep Aids

ZzzQuil is America’s most popular liquid sleep aid. Our product is brand equivalent. Aurohealth offers this popular sleep aid formula in 6oz, 12oz and 12oz twins. Our Berry flavor is also brand equivalent.

Solid Dose

Aurohealth’s plans are to offer a full line of solid dose cough cold, allergy, and analgesic products. Manufacturing and packaging equipment is currently under FDA validated construction. Currently, we can offer a limited line of solid dose acetaminophen, diphenhydramine, ibuprophen, and chlorpheniramine products in the most popular bottle and unit carton counts.
2015-2016 plans are to offer all dosage forms in the highest consumer demand product portfolio.